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Project: Coffee Cup - Conejo Botanical Garden

Thousand Oaks Botanic Garden
Engagement Photography: Conejo Botanical Garden, Thousand Oaks

I had an engagement photography sessionat Conejo Botanical Garden.  Conejo Botanical Garden is also a wedding site.  I did two weddings here at Conejo Botanical Garden.  This was my fourth engagement session here at the Garden.

I also photographed a Mariachi band here as well.

Project: Coffee Cup - Malibu, Pepperdine University

Malibu Photographer
Wedding Site: Stauffer Chapel, Pepperdine University, Malibu

So far, I photographed two weddings at Stauffer Chapel at Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA. 

On that day (Dec 2, 2007) the wedding customers came from Japan to get married.  I mean, they came to America 1 week before the wedding.  Immediately after their arrival, we took their engagement pictures.  Then I had 1 week to come up with a signing board.  At the wedding I was treated as a wedding guest.  They even brought a gift for me.  Blog entry and more picture listed below.

Project: Coffee Cup - No Coffee Cup

Santa Barbara Photographer
Parking structure across the street from Santa Barbara Courthouse
No Coffee today - Had to get one from McD

This was the only time I forgot to brew coffee on a wedding day.  I guess I had enough time to brew coffee, because I arrived at Santa Barbara Courthouse early for the wedding.  But who knows;  leaving home 15 minutes later could have put me in the pocket of a nasty traffic jam.  The traffic to Santa Barbra is always unpredictable.  Sometimes it takes me less than 1 hour to get to Santa Barbara.  Sometimes it takes me 2 hours or more.

So, I got a cup of McDonald's coffee.  I felt kind of empty without my Minolta cup.  Ever since this incident, I never forget to brew coffee when I get ready for a wedding.

Project: Coffee Cup - Old Town Camarillo

Camarillo Photgrapher, Church
Wedding Site: Evangelical Free Curch of Camarillo, Old Town Camarillo.  What you see on background is the famous St. Mary Magdalen Church.

Evangelical Free Curch, is located in Old Town Camarillo.  The wedding customer opened their web album to public.  Click here for a Camarillo Wedding Album.

Project: Coffee Cup - Ventura College

Ventura College Wedding Photographers
Wedding Site: Ventura College

Yes, you can rent Ventura College to have a wedding and reception.

Project: Coffee Cup - Simi Valley (Lost Canyon Golf Club)

Simi Valley Photographer
Wedding Location: Lost Canyon Golf Club, Simi Valley

You may not notice, but it was very windy.  They originally planned an outdoor wedding.   But they had to move to indoor because it was so windy.  It was a tricky day.  I had to strategize on how we can work with this windy situation.

Blog entry with more pictures of Lost Canyon Golf Club is here I took some cool night pictures 

Also you can read 2 customer testimonials from this wedding below

Project: Coffee Cup - Carpinteria

Carpinteria Wedding Photographer
Carpinteria Wedding Site: Best Western Carpinteria Inn

I remember having hard time locating this hotel.  The location was tricky.  I arrived there plenty early.  But I was really lost along the way.  I use GPS now, that I no longer worry about getting lost.  I don't have a blog (story) about this wedding.  As much as I would like to share stories and pictures, I just don't have enough time to cover everything.

Coffee Cup: Buena Park - Looking at Medieval Times

Buena Park Photographer
Wedding Site: Buena Park

Blog entry on this wedding:

Project: Coffee Cup - Heritage Square, Oxnard

Heritage Square Wedding Photographer
Wedding Site: Oxnard Heritage Square

I come to Heritage Square often.

Blog entries and pictures on weddings at Heritage Square listed below:

Project: Coffee Cup - Oxnard,

Oxnard Photographer
Wedding site: Oxnard