Project: Coffee Cup - Simi Valley

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* If you have a normal budget, I am not a photographer for you. And PLEASE, I will not work for free. Expect to pay something. It takes me 5 hours just to get ready.

Simi Valley Photographer
Wedding Site: Grand Vista Hotel, Simi Valley

This is an extremely rare occasion.  I opted not to drink my ritualistic coffee, because it was so hot.  Wedding was held in Simi Valley.  If you live in Ventura County, you know how Simi Vally is like.  Simi Valley is the hottest city in the Ventura County.

I felt a little vulnerable and naked without my Minolta Coffee Cup.  But it was so dang hot that I was not going to drink hot coffee.  Instead, I settled with McDonald's Iced Coffee.  The temperature hit a century mark in Simi Valley.  I drank a lot of water as I photograph the wedding.