Coffee Cup - How it Started

Notice: I will book budget photography jobs per request. I am retired from photography. Please ignore my package/pricing. I will only take budget customers per request. I served Ventura County for over a decade. I have photographed hundreds of weddings. Email me: (home at venturaphoto dot com).

* If you have a normal budget, I am not a photographer for you. And PLEASE, I will not work for free. Expect to pay something. It takes me 5 hours just to get ready.

This is a little part of my life that was not been told before. From this, I hope you will get to know me better.

Coffee heritage Square
Wedding Site at Oxnard, Heritage Square

Whenever I arrive at the wedding site, I take pictures of my coffee cup. 

How it all started

  1. I am a coffee drinker  Also, I religiously drink coffee whenever I do anything that's related to photography. 
    • For example: If a customer schedule a meeting, I will come to the meeting with a cup of coffee in my hand.
  2. I always brew fresh coffee right before I leave home for a wedding.  I drink coffee as I drive to the wedding site.
  3. When I arrive at the wedding site:
    • I get out of the car with the last sip of the coffee in my hand.
    • I place my coffee cup on top of my car to stretch.
    • Then I get my cameras out.  Take the lens caps off. etc..
    • I snap a few test pictures to make sure my camera is in working order
    • When I take test pictures, the closest object I see is my coffee cup.  So I take pictures of the coffee cup.
  4. The cup is about 18 years old (maybe older). I bought this cup through mail-order.  There was no Internet back then.  I bought it along with a Canon & a Nikon cup.  The other cups were broken a long time ago.
  5. I am a Canon user.  I never liked Minolta.  I don't remember why I decided to buy a Minolta cup.  Anyway, this is my favorite cup.

Before I knew it, this practice became one of my wedding photography rituals.

Each photograph of my coffee cup marks the moment I was getting ready for a full day of work ahead.  These are my personal moments.  I usually have a little butterfly in my stomach because I am about to work with hundreds of strangers.

Then I say to myself "Let's do this"