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Heart Rate Monitoring - How it Started

Photography as Fitness Activity (workout)

  • Heart rate, calorie, & distant monitoring of a wedding photographer at work
  • Wedding photography can be an intense workout.
  • Proving wedding photography is not for weak person.  That's why a lot of photographers hire assistants. is the first (& only) photographer to monitor physical activities of a
wedding photographer on the job - Just for fun Smile

I used to be a fitness expert.  I used to bench-press 225lb 10 years ago.  I was approached by a gym to lead aerobics classes.  Now I do light workout.  I am 158lb, 5'7" (31 inch waist).

Anyway.  I wanted to know how much calories I burn while I photograph a wedding.  I wanted to know how many miles I walk.  I wanted to know what my average heart rate was.  So, I bought a sophisticated heart rate monitor.   Ever since, I've been monitoring my physical status while I'm at the wedding.

Heart Rate Monitor, wedding Photographer
Heart rate monitors: Old and New


For exampe. On my "Normal Day" I burn 637 Calories in 8 hours.

Heart Rate Monitoring Photographer


At the wedding, I burned 2754 Calories in 6 hours and 19 minutes.  Sometimes I burn 3000+ Calories easy.

Heart Rate Wedding Photographer


Measuring physical activities at the wedding only takes a few seconds.  I just set my monitor and go about my business.  I believe I am the only person in the world providing this kind of data.   This is fun.